Bio-based Folding bridge

A good infrastructure is essential for the economic development of our country. Less maintenance means fewer temporary disruptions of the availability of the infrastructure. Plastic technology plays an increasingly important role in the built environment. WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo was the first to build a biocomposite movable bridge for a relatively light load. Together with composite engineering firm CTC from Hengelo, Machinefabriek Emmen constructed a composite sandwich bridge deck consisting of natural fibre-reinforced bio-resins. In the future, this construction will have to replace steel and glass fibre composite constructions in civil engineering.

The project
The project was carried out under the flag of Green PAC and focused on the research, preparation and realisation of a sandwich bridge deck constructed of natural fibre-reinforced bio-resin. The research specifically focused on:

  • The technical and economic feasibility of biocomposites, which fibre and which resin should be used?
  • Physical (including mechanical) properties of relevant biocomposites,
  • Long-term properties of biocomposites,
  • Environmental impact of biocomposites.

The results of the research project were focused on improving the knowledge of biocomposites as well as on demonstrating that biocomposites can occupy an important position in the building of high-quality constructions, such as movable bridges.

This project is a collaboration of the following parties; NHL Stenden University, WILDLANDS, Machinefabriek Emmen (MF Emmen), Composites Technology Centre (CTC), DSM Resins and AkzoNobel

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact Daan van Rooijen MSc (Green PAC) by telephone +31 (0)591-853116 or email


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