Dutch Techzone

The Dutch Techzone consists of companies, knowledge institutions and municipalities in the Coevorden, Emmen, Hardenberg and Hoogeveen region that work together to develop an economically strong region. Interconnected by the specialised and high-quality (manufacturing) industry and logistics with which the region abounds. An industrial top region, made possible by excellent professionalism and high-level engineering.

Dutch Techzone stimulates cooperation and contributes by providing expertise and participating in projects which add to the economic vitality of the region. Dutch Techzone closely cooperates with the knowledge and innovation consultants of  Kennispoort DrentheInnovation and knowledge brokers from Kennispoort Drenthe gather specific questions from the business community, where necessary they engage (HBO and MBO) students and/or contribute to the adjustment or enrichment of curriculums.

Website: Dutch Techzone

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