Green PAC iLab

Green PAC iLab (an initiative of Windesheim and NHL Stenden) is an innovative hub (incubator), where starters can rapidly develop a ‘promising concept’ for a plastic (component of a) product or service into a serious, competitive player in the market. Green PAC iLab provides assistance in identifying the entrepreneurial qualities that are necessary to grow from an inexperienced starter into a self-assured entrepreneur, within three years. Green PAC iLab has two branches, in Zwolle and Emmen. Green PAC iLab Emmen is located in the Insite building on the emmtec Industry & Business Park at De Eerste Bokslootweg 17 in Emmen.

Since the start of Green PAC iLab (at the end of 2013) various starting entrepreneurs have applied to locate themselves at the iLab. In total this involves 35 entrepreneurs. This emphasizes that Green PAC iLab fulfils a need. Of these 35 there are now 17 active within Green PAC iLab (reference date 1 December 2017). The entrepreneurs who establish themselves at Green PAC iLab all work on different ideas and products. This diversity makes the ILAB a vibrant and inspirational location.

Green PAC iLab provides support:

  • with setting up a company;
  • with the development of a service or product;
  • with increasing technical knowledge;
  • with bringing a product or service on the market.


And all that under very favourable conditions. You receive:

  • a start-up capital of € 2,750.00;
  • a fully equipped workplace with, among other things, electricity and WIFI;
  • a personal coach;
  • access to a broad network;
  • media attention and visibility.

Website: Green PAC iLab


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