Green PAC

Green PAC is a knowledge hub for institutions and companies in the area of plastics, composites, fibres and yarns. Green PAC develops knowledge and accelerates innovations in joint production with the business community. Green PAC is an initiative of NHL Stenden and Windesheim and since 2013 has a COCI and iLab status. This means for Drenthe that Emmen is a hotspot for open chemical innovation. The initiative was set up to create a good connection between education and entrepreneurs. The emphasis is on public-private partnership. By actively connecting education with the business community, Green PAC increases the social involvement of universities of applied sciences and positively contributes to promising perspectives for students and businesses.


Green PAC focuses on applied research with the business community. The cooperation between NHL Stenden and Windesheim arose from this idea. Both universities of applied sciences have a Professorship of Applied Sciences that focuses on plastics. In addition, Northeast Overijssel, just like Drenthe, has a significant plastics processing industry. Combining both universities of applied sciences under Green PAC strengthens the relevance for companies in the region. Green PAC is the engine behind market-oriented knowledge and innovation. Green PAC recently started working with DC Tech, the Centre for Innovative Skills at Drenthe College, with an emphasis on sustainable chemical technology. There is also intensive cooperation with universities such as the University of Groningen, the Delft University of Technology and the Wageningen University and Research Centre. A major benefit for entrepreneurs in the surrounding areas. Green PAC works multidisciplinarily. It is precisely this cooperation (from university through to MBO) that makes it possible to proceed from scientific research, via applied research, to actual implementation. In short, Green PAC offers the knowledge, the expertise and the manpower.


Website: Green PAC

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