Kennispoort Drenthe

Kennispoort Drenthe supports entrepreneurs with starting, growing and modernizing their company. At Kennispoort Drenthe a company gains access to all the knowledge, contacts and resources that the region has to offer. The innovation consultants at Kennispoort Drenthe have many years of experience as an entrepreneur. This means that they can assist both start-up businesses as well as experienced entrepreneurs during the various phases of entrepreneurship.

Answers to entrepreneurial questions
Kennispoort Drenthe is at the centre of the triple helix (entrepreneurs, government and education) and provides answers to questions from entrepreneurs. The innovation consultants from Kennispoort Drenthe enter into discussions with the entrepreneur to ascertain exactly what the question is. The innovation consultant assesses whether they can provide support themselves or whether the question must be answered from the extensive partner network. Kennispoort Drenthe acts as a sounding board and sparring partner, sometimes as a financial advisor and if technical knowledge is required then the partner network becomes involved.

Website: Kennispoort Drenthe


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