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Research Group Sustainable Plastics

There is a future in new technological applications of sustainable plastics. The Research Group Sustainable Plastics is passionate about this and wants to share its knowledge with companies and students. With the aim: innovation in education and spin-offs for businesses. In addition, the research group wants to become the knowledge center of sustainable plastics for companies in the north of the Netherlands and beyond. The lecturers and junior researchers work on four themes:


  • Recycling and upcycling of plastics
  • Biopolymers
  • Smart materials
  • Biocomposites


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Research Group Green Logistics

The need to become more sustainable is becoming more urgent and is getting more and more elements in the business domain. The world and economy are changing fast and for companies it is essential to move with these changes in order to stay competitive. The Green Logistics research group combines ideals with pragmatism by examining how the sustainability of processes, products, services and chains can contribute positively to the competitive position of companies and regions. Logistics includes transportation, but is also defined more broadly as the organization of the entire chain. In case of this chain, the term 'supply and demand chain management' is a better example.


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Research Group Cricular Plastics

Imagine a big mountain of plastic. 126 kilos. This is the amount of plastic packaging we use on average per person per year. If we no longer want plastic soup in our seas, production processes and consumption patterns must radically change and take steps towards sustainable resource management and the circular economy. The Circular Plastics research group conducts applied research into the closure of the plastics cycle. The research group analyzes and optimizes waste separation processes by linking the entire northern chain of raw material, production, consumption and waste. The research group also investigates chemical recycling, ie plastic is returned to the original raw material via a chemical process.


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