Circular design in a bio-based jacket

Drentea is a family business in Drente. The company designs and produces modern office and storage systems for business use. Quality and sustainability are the main focus. The culture of a family business provides Drentea with a solid foundation of respect and attention for the environment. The company is committed to contributing to the environment, diversity and health. One of their special bio-based and circular projects is: the ‘Circular Bio-based Design’ of furniture. In cooperation with the Green PAC knowledge and research institution (a collaboration between NHL Stenden University and Windesheim University), we have worked on the ultimate Workplace 2020. We have based this on a compact 1950s retro desk. The technology, requirements and wishes of the past with the innovation and knowledge of today!


Erik Luisman outlines his ambitions to us: “Drentea is a company that is driven by a sustainable and circular vision. In cooperation with Green PAC, we want to discover how future Drentea products can be made even more sustainable, without compromising on quality and life span. Bio-based is the guideline, circular an absolute basic principle. We want to make products of recycled material, if possible bio-based. After its first life cycle, the product should still be suitable for a second and preferably also a third life. We want to make even more economical use of raw materials and a circular product would of course contribute to this ambition.”


According to Erik Luisman, the cooperation with Green PAC was obvious: “Green PAC stands for the promotion of sustainable raw materials. The development and sharing of knowledge and the search for solutions to practice-oriented issues from the business community are their priority. By developing, in cooperation with Green PAC, bio-based innovations with a focus on circularity, we demonstrate what the latest possibilities are. We sometimes wrap these innovations into a retro jacket and it is exactly this symbolism that makes it clear that we can do things better and differently without having to compromise on quality and style.”


The Workplace 2020 concept was deliberately launched during the second edition of the Bio-based Business Event. Together with Green PAC, Drentea wants to make a statement in the form of a pilot for ‘circularisation’ on all fronts. Erik: “For us, having the courage to change means above all taking initiatives and embarking on a structural cooperation with like-minded partners.”


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