Our focus

A bio-based circular economy: an economy based on green raw materials implemented on the basis of a circular concept. Chemical Cluster Emmen is convinced that this is the only way to achieve a sustainable future and is working hard on this new economy. The focus is on (fibre) chemistry and recycling & upcycling. Based on this strong focus, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments in the cluster make every effort to excel in producing (green) materials for the manufacturing industry and the construction and infrastructure sector. Good for the future, for employment and for the bio-based and circular possibilities that Chemical Cluster Emmen offers. Chemical Cluster Emmen is a strategic partner of Chemport Europe. The incubator for green chemistry in the North of the Netherlands.

Within Chemical Cluster Emmen we are successfully working on a bio-based and circular (fiber) chemistry sector with an emphasis on the manufacturing industry, construction and infrastructure. Chemical Cluster Emmen focuses on these sectors, because they have always been strongly represented in this region, but more importantly because these sectors are focused on applications and products with a high added value for the economy. The video below shows how we do this in Drenthe. Green is our second nature!