Taskforce green chemistry

Drenthe and Emmen believe in the power of bio-based and circular green chemistry. The region excels in this sector. To strengthen this development and to attract new entrepreneurs the Municipality of Emmen and the Province of Drenthe have set up a catalyst organisation. The Green Chemistry Task Force. Cor Kamminga is the coordinator. He is a born entrepreneur from the sector itself, who has the passion to create something that contributes to an improved and liveable world for us and the generations to come.

“The most important activity of the task force is to help business activity in Southeast Drenthe and to establish an internationally operating green fibre chemistry business cluster. A cluster in which companies from the manufacturing industry reinforce each other where it concerns the development of green and bio-based yarns, fibres and composites. As a task force we offer companies support and encourage them to do business”, says Cor Kamminga.

However, he does not do this alone. The task force comprises several people from the professional field. “The main advantage of the task force is that we are all people with a vast amount of experience in green fibre chemistry. We have the network, the knowledge and the expertise but also the brain power and manpower. And this is why we are of interest for businesses and entrepreneurs. They can continue with their own company and we can take certain matters out of their hands: help with project development and business development, the accelerated development of test locations, demonstration facilities and pilot plants and identifying investment opportunities. We also bring local businesses and entrepreneurs from the region together to communicate with one voice to governments and knowledge institutions.”

Bringing parties together is an important element of Cor’s vision. By uniting entrepreneurs in a cluster it becomes easier to progress to new successful (bio-based and circular) products. Together, you are stronger, you achieve more and this contributes to the economic growth of the region. “The role of the task force, along with the development of a business network, is to also promote project development and business development. To this end, the task force works in close cooperation with knowledge institutions. Innovation is one of the key words in achieving this. It can serve as a catalyst for making the region and its entrepreneurs economically stronger. However, innovation is not an objective in itself.”

And how does a company come into contact with the catalyst organisation? Cor: “Much new activity arrives via the Province of Drenthe or the Municipality of Emmen. If a company or enterprise wants to locate itself in the region, then it is brought into contact with the task force by the province or municipality at a very early stage. If it concerns established companies or entrepreneurs who want to get involved in the area of bio-based green chemistry then we have the advantage that through the years we have become well known and are easily recognizable. This group of entrepreneurs already knows how to find us.”

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