DC Tech

The Centre for Innovative Skills in Sustainable Chemical Technology (CIV DC Tech) would like technical education in the MBO to be more in line with the regional developments in technology. DC Tech wants to achieve this by developing education that produces innovative professionals. Challenging projects for students at an MBO are being developed in close cooperation with the regional business community and the government. In doing this, DC Tech is looking into the possibilities of cooperation and partnership with secondary education and the HBO.


The fast changing world demands agile professionals
In the fast changing world of technology, DC Tech considers it to be important that students are prepared for an unpredictable labour market, full of new developments. By offering projects which respond to innovations in the area of Sustainable Chemistry, Bio-based and the Circular Economy, and which help to develop 21st century skills, DC Tech is working on the agile professional of the future.


DC Tech actively works with the business community and produces well-educated professionals
Designing these projects in cooperation with programmes at Drenthe College and with the business community ensures that the specific knowledge and skills are guaranteed for the Drenthe region.
DC Tech facilitates this cooperation between education, the business community and the government. The learning process and the development of the student is always at the heart of this.


Website: DC Tech 

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